Star Anise, Broken Star Anise, Star Anise Oil Best Price...

+ Star Anise: Size: 87% of 2.5cm up, 10% of 2.5cm down, 3% of broken | Moisture: 13.5% max | Packaging = 10kgs/carton | Colour: Bright brown

+ Broken Star Anise: Moisture: 13,5% max | Packing/Bags: Net Weight = 10kgs | Colour: Bright brown

+ Star Anise Oil: Purity: 92% min | Trans- anethole: 80% min | Color: Yellow liquid

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We officially established in 2008. With factory area of 5,000 m2 and more than 150 workers at factory, we can takes big orders. At present, our main market is Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, EU, USA...